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Mission: WeWork empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed by providing beautiful workspace, a collaborative community, accessible services and benefits.
New York City, New York
San Francisco, California
Toronto, Ontario
London, United Kingdom
Employees: 1001-5000
Funding: $8.6 billion in funding - 2014 - 2018

Company Q&A

Q: How do retention rates change across disciplines?

Q: How does WeWork onboard new hires?

“New hires go through a three day orientation about the product and the customers. Then new hires are assigned to a buddy as a mentor who introduces them to all the departments and helps get them onboarded. ”

Q: What sort of training do you provide around diversity and inclusion?

Q: What does WeWork do to transition in teammates?

Q: How does Wework onboard new hires?

“New workers shadow supervisor and current employees who train us and show us and around and we sit in a class for 3 days to explain to us the values and work ethics of wework”
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Team Members

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Bailey Metzner
Emily Manasc
Tashunia Plummer
Pratima Pandey
Sports teacher/fitness consultant
Brammy Geduld
Victoria Pajaujis
David Berenbaum
Loren Zotaj
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New York City, New York
Guadalajara, Jal.
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What employees at WeWork think about working there

“Beautiful headquarters with really great perks, beer on tap, fresh fruit daily, fruit water, treats, free meals, WeWork knows how to treat us right. It's also great to work with a team that's truly dedicated to the company mission and are doing everything they can to make the company work. It can be difficult to do all the work we do in the time we're supposed to do it, but this is a company filled with smart people who are happy to help each other succeed.”
“It's not an easy job but it feels great to be running such productive spaces that are really helping companies grow more quickly and work more efficiently. The general work-spaces I feel are not treated very well. We're asked to work too hard with too little staff and for too little pay. It's pretty cool that I can go to any WeWork space and to any company event and I'll be welcomed like family, but overall it's a difficult job day-in day-out.”
“There are some pockets of great teams, I made some great friends with the hustling hard working people of security, OPS, and real estate, but the majority of the company I found to be very cliquey and border line cult-like. It's great to get a company that will have the name recognition and brand value that will most likely get you a job in the future, but my time working there was not enjoyable at all.”
“I heard that when the company started the culture was actually positive and well balanced, but it seems like the growth has gotten way ahead of this company and the executive team is unable to keep up. Constant changing of priorities, constant organizational redesigns, a company filled with egos and people staff with inflated senses of self. This is not a company where you'll be doing your best work, and it's more of a company that's about doing things to get liked.”
“It's like a cult but without people losing their mental cool!! Such a beautiful group of hard working people who are truly just trying to make the world a better place unlike so many of the internet startup companies. TGIM meetings every Monday night where we get to drink tequila and brainstorm together on the company's next best step.”

WeWork Glassdoor Themes

Strong culture

WeWork is run extremely efficiently and it shows in how much investment we're able to get and how quickly we expand into new countries. WeWork is a driven environment filled with high performers and A+ personalities that make their work their life. It creates this intense vibe where you feel you don't belong in the main teams if you aren't completely dedicating yourself to the company.
Pros of working for WeWork is having a really reputable company brand on your resume that involves a lot of real work experience. WeWork gives everyone a lot of responsibility, so it's easy to take on roles and perform. But if you're looking to move up in the company relying only on hard-work, your chances of getting promoted are very low. You also have to be in the right groups, cliquey teams filled with difficult to work with people who lack professionalism.

Fun environment

Really fun team to be a part of that really becomes family even within weeks of joining. The people is really what makes this place a great place to work. Everyone is so smart and ambitious, it's like a collection of all the best people in university came together. Combine that with sweet company events where you'll fly out across the country to go camping, and you really have a chance to make some lifelong friends. We definitely have to work hard for it, but in the end it's worth it for the team and the mission.
The headquarters of WeWork is the most beautiful building and office I've ever seen in my life. If you're like me and love to find cool spots around the city for Instagram pics, WeWork is the best grammable office ever. It's like a WeWork space pimped out to the max with every perk you could imagine, and every office type you've ever seen.

Unstable environment

I've been working at WeWork for a few years now and I've found that as the company becomes larger and larger, it has become more and more difficult to stand out. It seems like only some small groups of highly liked people get the promotion treatment. The lack of diversity is really disappointing, and overall it's a really time consuming job involving lots of hours and lots of stress.
Such a tough place to gain footing and actually grow in your career. Every few months the company changes its structure and all the progress you gained and metrics that related to your position are completely meaningless. I've been lost in the shuffle multiple times and eventually left because it never seemed I was given even an opportunity to be promoted, even though I had great metrics.

What do coworkers think of the coworking space?

“I got hired by Facebook and the office of my city was actually in a WeWork space. We had an entire corner of the floor and were able to work in a completely independent space. I've absolutely loved that the office was in the space for a few reasons.

First off the WeWork location in my city is so centrally located, there are literally dozens of bus-routes that come close to it and you can easily hop on local transit to get anywhere you need to be. The offices are also very modern and clean, with high ceilings, clean color design, and a great layout that has a kitchen, seating area, and independent work areas.

WeWork also hosts events constantly throughout the week so if you're looking for talks from influential people in any industry, and you get a discount if your company is in the WeWork space (often this discount just means it's free).

Overall I really like that the environment is filled with other companies and startups that are driven to succeed. There's this atmosphere of hard-work that is hard to find anywhere. Even on days off I come into WeWork so I can surround myself with hard working people and work on my side projects.”

What's the interview process at WeWork?

“It's a pretty easy interview process to get through that's honestly very standard. What they're mostly looking for is people who will put in the work and follow their culture. It starts of with a simple phone screen with a recruiter, then if you pass you'll be brought into your local co-working space for an interview with the manager that will be mostly behavioral type questions that will test your dedication to the company.”

What does it take to move up in the company?

“To move up in WeWork you first have to put in the work and get the results, attend every meeting, and take on new roles. But more importantly you have to know and be friends with the right people and get within the core groups. I constantly witnessed management promote their favorites who were a mix of being non-threatening and political.”

What are the perks of working for WeWork?

“Perks of WeWork are really impressive and almost a reason to work for the company itself. First off there's beer on tap. We also got a full kitchen stocked with fresh food and snacks. Best part about the perks is that you can work and get into any WeWork space for free across the world. On top of the perks the company also has really good health insurance, PTO policies, and 401k matching.”

What's the environment like at WeWork?

“The WeWork environment is very engaging, fun, and driven, but also mixed with intense negativity depending on the team that you're working on. The really strong culture of dedication to the company mission and values is what builds this intense atmosphere of hard-work, which has it's benefits of being a productive company that's making real waves in the industry, but can become all consuming and cult like.

The positive parts of the environment are the people and the company events. It's really a young culture, I would say the majority of people are under 30, and it's filled with creative entrepreneurs who are really trying to make a difference in the world. Surrounding yourself with these type of people makes you constantly wanting to succeed and work harder, and I find this to be a very positive thing.

The negative part of the environment is that it can really become all-consuming. Every week we have mandatory meetings at night that mean if you're looking to plan something after work, now you're already restricted to 3 days a week. Combine that with the really high amount of work that the company puts on you and the fact that you have to get the work done, most nights of the week are spent either at work or at home working on company related things.

There are pros and cons to working here, but overall I'd say the environment at WeWork is positive if you're someone who wants to make a difference. It's a lot of work, and not easy, but WeWork is filled with driven, intelligent people who are changing the world.”

How would you describe the focus of the company? Is WeWork engineering / product led?

WeWork tries to present itself as this technology driven company with its marketing and general perks/office vibe, but honestly WeWork has grown to be what it is because of the strong real estate team and our design team. The reason we're successful is our offices are in great locations in every city, and our designs are modern and very clean. This is a marketing / design lead company that has grown huge because of it's real-estate.

What's the work life balance like at WeWork?

It's pretty difficult to keep a strong balance between work and life at WeWork for a few reasons. First is they advertise the job as flex time which basically just means they can give you as much work as they want, and you'll have to take it home to finish it. WeWork also hosts mandatory weekly meetings on Monday and Thursday Nights, as well as Mandatory company retreats where you'll have to take off weekends to travel across the country.

Is WeWork a diverse workplace?

I was really disapointed with how non-diverse WeWork is. The company is insanely white washed with only like 2% of the staff being non-white, pretty well the only non-white staff are in cleaning. If you look at the executive team it's filled with white men. It's not even as if they're recognizing the need for diversity, there's literally nothing in the company plan to make us more diverse.

Is WeWork more of a startup or corporate company?

“WeWork is definitely more of a startup type company and not corporate, even though the size of the company is getting huge and the investments have made everything inflated. There has been a shift as time has gone on that has made changes and decisions harder to get through, with multiple levels of acceptance by management for them to pass through.

The reason WeWork is more of a Startup type company is really because of the people that work here. It's very much like the show Silicon Valley where everyone at the company is white, weird, but very smart. The general age of any employee is in their late 20's still acts like their in university, and has made his work at WeWork his life.

Management also pushes very mission centric operations. We have constant weekly meetings where middle-managers do presentations showing how the company has changed lives, and how we're changing how the world works. WeWork is filled with people who have really drank the Kool-aid, and have lost themselves to the company.

To me these are environmental traits that I find are much more indicative of a startup environment then a corporate one. It's very intense, hard working, and will probably end up eating away most of your time and life.”

About WeWork

WeWork is a real estate company that provides co-working spaces on a month by month leasing basis specifically targeted to entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and small businesses. Through providing office space and all core services that companies need like high-speed internet, printers, and quiet work-spaces, as well as events dedicated to bringing like-minded individuals together, WeWork is changing how companies work.

Founded in 2010 by current CEO and CCO Adam Neumann and Migue McKelvey, WeWork has its headquarters based in New York City, New York. Having grown extremely quickly from its inception, WeWork has been recognized as a unicorn startup receiving over $8.6 billion in investments from 2010 to 2018. With over 4600 employees and offices/coworking spaces in over 79 cities, WeWork is the dominating company in the collaborative workspace industry.

With WeWork's constant growth and expansion into new cities, the WeWork team is also growing. The majority of positions available at WeWork are for management, community organizer, customer service, and operation roles. With over 400 jobs posted on indeed and 2000 on glassdoor, the WeWork team is growing very quickly.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying: the flexible hours, the very nice headquarters, strong benefits and perks, the brand recognition of the company, the interesting and motivating mission, and the generally cool co-workers.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with: the sub-par communication, the cliquey and cultey culture, the terrible diversity, the off topic projects made up by senior management, the constant fear of being fired, the roadblocks for approvals of new projects, the lack of work/life balance, the constant organisation redesigns, and the high amount of egos.

Values and Beliefs

WeWork has 6 core values that drive how the company interacts with their employees and with their customers to continue the companies success into the future. WeWorks 6 values are:

- Inspired. WeWork does what they love and is connected by doing something bigger then any one person at the company.

- Entrepreneurial. WeWork is filled with creators, leaders, and self starters, building a culture that challenges convention and isn't afraid to fail.

- Authentic. WeWork has a genuine brand, mission, and values, that strives to be honest and as transparent as possible.

- Tenacious. WeWork never settles and is constantly doing what they can to get things done. Willing to break down all barriers, WeWork wants its employees to go above and beyond and stay persistent.

- Grateful. WeWork is grateful for its employees, customers, and everything that has helped this movement become a reality. They don't take success for granted and are happy to be apart of this wave.

- Together. WeWork is in it together and knows that everything is a team effort. They look out for each-other and have empathy for the other people at the company.

Interview Questions

What attracted you to WeWork?

Tell me about yourself.

What type of community events do you like?

How do you handle conflict?

If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?

What are your strengths and weakness and give an example of each.


Founders of WeWork Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey established a eco-friendly coworking space in brooklyn in 2008 which was their intiation into creating co-working spaces. They sold the business in 2010 and started WeWork, opening their first location in the SoHo district in New York City.

WeWork has a history of hosting successful startups from companies such as Consumr, HackHands, and Coupon Follow to Facebook, PepsiCo, and Reddit. The first WeWork Labs opened in 2011 which functioned as a startup incubator within WeWork with the goal of providing open workspaces and encouraging collaboration between people.

WeWork has been backed by some of the biggest investors in the world including Goldman Sachs Group, Wellington Management, SoftBank, and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. By 2015 the company had over 51 coworking locations across the U.S., Europe and Israel. Constantly growing, WeWork is looking to expand to every country in the world except for Antarctica.