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UnitedHealth Group

Mission: UnitedHealth Group is the most diversified health care company in the United States and a leader worldwide in helping people live.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United Kingdom
New York, New York
Westerville, Ohio
Ocoee, Florida
Employees: 260000
  • Market Capitalization of $244.4 billion
  • More than 15 acquisitions since 2002

Company Q&A

Q: Is it the case that health insurance is available to employees?

Q: How does UnitedHealth Group onboard new hires?

“New hires go through various presentations on company culture and basic company information, and new hires get assigned a buddy as well.”

Q: What does continuous improvement entail for UnitedHealth Group in the coming three years?

Q: In what ways does UnitedHealth Group applaud milestones?

Q: In what forums are goals and targets liased with the entirety of UnitedHealth Group?

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Victoria Kyereme
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UnitedHealth Group  •
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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UnitedHealth Group Salaries

30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 10% 20% 30% 40%
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What employees at UnitedHealth Group think about working there

“Great co-workers. Competitive salary. Innovative projects. Management that lets you work instead of taking all your time doing meetings. UnitedHealth Group somehow has been able to keep a culture of productivity balanced with good work/life balance and work from home opportunities.”
“The company is so huge that if you're looking to learn about the health care industry and gain some experience in different roles, this can be a great place to start your career. They hire really smart talent and the office environment is highly productive. This is not a place where you'll be able to make best friends and talk about House.”
“I really like my job at UnitedHealth Group. The people are nice. The pay is pretty good and so are the benefits. It's nice because everyone seems to be actually dedicated to the work, so there isn't too much unecessary gossip. It's definitely something I like about the job but I kinda miss coming into work and talking to people about tv shows and the like. So many people work from home that the office is often just empty.”
“UnitedHealth Group is a large corporate company that has the capital to do pretty much anything they want but they act like a fast moving startup and are constantly innovating. It's not your standard big corporate job where you won't have to work. It can be stressful at times but knowing that you're helping peoples lives makes it all worth it.”
“The flexible work timing and work from home options are nice but I've been a part of a team where the manager yells at his employees for smallest mistakes and seems to be completely disconnected with reality. As a customer service agent you have to be rated 9/10 for each call or you're technically not meeting your quota.”

UnitedHealth Group Glassdoor Themes

Large company

Thanks to UHG I've had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet some of the smartest people in health care that are doing everything they can to bring the industry into the future. I've moved around to many different departments and am now lucky enough to be a director at an office where I can manage smart and hard-working people to do the best work of their careers.
It can be difficult to see how you relate to the entire company vision when you work for a small office on a small product, while still being technically organized under the UnitedHealth Group. Sometimes I just feel like our entire office has been forgotten about.

Positive culture

As a health insurance provider you can be confident that UnitedHealth Group gives a proper benefit package. They treat their employees well with strong salaries and overall great HR who are able to balance helping the employees while making sure they get what's best for the company
I've worked at a few different departments and I've seen some office cultures that are amazing while there was one that stands out as being terrible. I'd recommend that if you find yourself somewhere where it's terrible, look up on HUB some career development opportunities and report your manager. There are some great teams out there and it's not worth it to work for a bad manager when there are other opportunities.

Growth opportunities

Great to work for a company where you can have a lot of career growth and opportunities to learn. The pay is pretty good and overall benefits are standard, but what really makes this a good company to work for is that they are constantly trying to make sure you're having a fulfilling career, and there are many resources to help make sure you succeed.
I started working at UHG after a university recruiter brought me in right after I graduated. My first couple years were great with an awesome team, and I decided to take advantage of the ability to try out a new department and new team. In retrospect I should have spent more time figuring out who I was going to work for because this new team is not nearly as motivated or hard-working as the last, and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to leave.

What do customers think of UnitedHealth Group's coverage and growth?

“"My experience with UnitedHealth Group has overall not been good, you don't expect insurance companies to generally be good, but UnitedHealth doesn't even pay for the small things. I've made a few claims in the last few years, one for an MRI and some for some painkillers, among other things.

They refused to pay for my MRI and I had to pay myself to find out I have 2 discs deteriorating in my back. They still won't pay to fix my bacck after I've been on painkillers for months walking with a cane. I've been paying for their insurance for years and now that I actually need it they won't actually cover anything.

I don't understand how a health insurance company can sell the idea that they will keep you secure when you need it most, but completely ignore you when the time actually comes."”

What is the hiring process like for UnitedHealth?

“The process is usually pretty straight forward and easy. Submit an application online, do a casual phone checkup with a recruiter just to confirm your details and resume material, then an in person interview with a supervisor. Many people are often hired right after the interview. It sometimes take a few weeks for them to get back to you but generally they're pretty quick.”

How can I guarantee my success at UnitedHealth Group?

“Best way to guarantee your success at UHG is by just doing your work on a consistent basis. There aren't too many tricks to pull. In my situation the team is great and the managers are very present and aware so people recognize when someone is working hard. If your goal is to move up in the company just keep working away and over time you'll definitely have lots of opportunites to move up or to new departments.”

What kind of benefits do you get for working at UnitedHealth Group?

“Honestly for a health care company I would expect to have a better health plan. Overall though the benefits are ok with good 401k matching and stock purchase options, as well as the perks of having flexible work schedules and the ability to work from home. I have 25 days PTO which is also very good for such a big company.”

What's the working environment like at UnitedHealth Group?

“"The work environment at UnitedHealth Group is overall very positive, especially for a company that's so large. Somehow while being a company with over 260,000 employees they've been able to keep a culture that keeps people motivated and working hard, while not sacrificing our happiness.

Biggest reason I find the environment to be positive is that so many of my co-workers are just great to be around and work with. We're a team that doesn't waste time with unecessary politics and are actually motivated to deliver good products at a consistent basis.

Another great thing that contributes to the good atmosphere is knowing that there are people in the company whose jobs are specifically dedicated to making sure we have a positive experience working here and have the opportunity to grow into the position we want to.

There are definitely some departments with managers who aren't nearly as good as mine, which is what will generally happen at companies this large. If you find yourself in that position I highly recommend you just look elsewhere in the company because there are some great opportunities here, you just have to find them."”

What's the tech stack at UnitedHealth Group?

The technology at UnitedHealth Group is pretty legacy and outdated although there are some teams that are working with some interesting stuff. Overall as an engineer the job isn't too difficult and the work is pretty monotonous, but the work life balance is great and there's lots of opportunities to work from home.

What are the working hours like?

It really depends on the projects that you're working on and what team you're working with but in general you'll most likely be working 8 full hours a day. Great thing about UnitedHealth Group is that they have really good work from home policies and you can generally work whatever hours you want.

What's the training process at UHG?

Training is not great. Mine was only about 3 days where I shadowed someone for one day, have a very basic almost highschool like class, and you can feel that it's very outdated. There are lots of process documents though so if you're actually motivated to learn you can learn on your own time.

What can I do if my manager isn't good and I want a new team?

“"We recognize that because we're such a large company that we can completely control how every manager acts in every department. We're often going through acquisitions and as we try to integrate these teams into our own there will be culture clashes and some people will be used to working in a different way then we're used to.

If you find yourself in a position where your manager either isn't respecting the core values of our company of respect, integrity, and compassion, then we urge you to contact a talent community manager so that we can better hear your story and see what we can do to change the experience for the future.

If you're also looking to switch teams, we recommend you take the time to look on HUB, our career exploration and development platform, you can see what roles are open and what departments are looking to hire. We host a lot of different documentation so if you need to see what kind of work you'll be doing for the different roles, you can check it out on the HUB."”

About UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is the worlds largest health care company helping people live healthier lives and helping the health system work better for everyone. Focussed on constantly developing innovative approaches to products and services in the healthcare industry, UnitedHealth Group's core capabilities in clinical care resources, information, and in technology enable them to constantly meet the evolving needs of a changing health care system.

Founded in 1974 by a group of physicians and other health care professionals, UnitedHealth Group's goal was to expand health coverage options to its consumers. With hundreds of offices worldwide, over 260,000 employees, over $184 billion in yearly revenues, and an over 13% year over year growth rate, UnitedHealth Group is the worlds largest health care company and listed as number 5 on the Fortune 500 list.

With UnitedHealth Group being such a large company there are thousands of opportuninties to join the established and growing company. The majority of roles are in the areas of customer service, health care, IT, operations, human resources, and business development. With over 5,000 UnitedHealth Group jobs posted on indeed, 11,000 on glassdoor, and thousands more on their internal recruitment platform, there are many opportunities to join the growing team.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the balance of having the innovation of a small company but the capital of a large company, the wealth of lateral and vertical movement opportunities, the competitive salary and benefits, and the positive work/life balance and work from home opportunities.

Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the pockets of low quality management, the legacy technology stack and sometimes monotonous work, the long hiring process, the constant change from integrating acquired companies, and the feeling of being lost in a large organization.

Values and Beliefs

UnitedHealth Group has 5 core values that drive how they interact with their customers and employees to continue their success in innovating the health care system. These 5 core vaules are:

- Integrity. UnitedHealth Group believes that an enterprise must represent the highest level of personal and institutional integrity to drive people to want to do business with them.

- Compassion. UnitedHealth Group believes that in order to achieve the companies full potential, they must constantly seek to understand and align with needs and realitites of the people they aim to help.

- Relationship. UnitedHealth Group believes that for the company to achieve its full potential they will not be able to do it alone. UHG aims at positively engaging with everone who can contribute.

- Innovation. UnitedHealth Group knows that to inspire true innovation they must use insights of the past and present to make the health care system work better.

- Performance. UnitedHealth Group knows that there are great challenges to health care that need a lot of effort to be able to positively affect. UnitedHealth Group is committed to delivring and demonstrating excellence in everything they do.

Interview Questions

Why are you interested in working at UnitedHealth Group?

What are some challenges you feel the health care industry is facing?

Describe a time where you had to quickly switch roles?

Describe your skills and career - how would these help you in the health care industry?

Tell us about a time where you had to deal with someone who acted unethically.


The UnitedHealth Group was originally founded in 1974 by a group of physicians and health care professionals under the name Charter Med Incorporated. In 1977 the team restructured the company creating United Healthare corporation, becoming the parent company of Charter Med Incorporated.

United HealthCare Corporation based its business on best practices in medical care and stronb thinking in business management to help improve the health of patients while supporting the health care system. The company went public in 1984 specializing in technology and service systems for health care.

United HealthCare Corporation later changed its name to the UnitedHealth Group, and found its business success buy constantly innovating new practices to support a changing health care environment. They were the first ones to produce a Report Card on health care access, quality, and costs, and were a critical part in developing the health care system that we now know today.