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American Income Life

Mission: American Income Life's mission is to help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations, and their families.
Location: Waco, Texas
Employees: 12000
Funding: Acquired by Touchmark Corporation - 1994

Company Q&A

Q: How do team leads ensure their their team members have the necessary tools?

Q: Do you actively try to create an equitable workplace? How?

Q: What is core to your approach to spinning up new teammates at American Income Life?

Q: What sort of training do you provide around diversity and inclusion?

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American Income Life  •
Waco, Texas
Waco, Texas
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American Income Life Salaries

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What employees at American Income Life think about working there

“Not the worst job I've had. You're really your own boss with AIL backing you up with the product and some training. You can choose your own hours of work, although the majority of the times its at night and on weekends. It kind of feels like startinga company because you build a portfolio of recurring revenue from the customers you sell to. Over time, if you're skilled at sales, you'll be able to make a pretty good yearly income.”
“Frustrated that I actually worked here for as long as I did, but let me share my experience so you don't have to. Managers who don't know what they're doing. Frat boy culture that doesn't respect women or minorities. They use any ammo in their arsenal to get sales, including scaring families that their kids will be kidnapped. They hide costs for their agents (their own employees) that makes the company money. A pyramid structure to the comission. A completely unethical company.”
“Completely wasted a couple months of my life trying to work for AIL. I wish I looked up reviews on the BBB and glassdoor before I took the job. Your job is basically chasing down cold leads (that they tell you are hot) in your car around the city for hours and hours a day. We're expected to use the most sleezy sales tactics I've ever known, and even then it's impossible to make sales. With a 100% comission, good luck actually making any money here.”
“This company is unethical right to the bone. I could go on and on about how they don't understand what business means. To just give you an idea, as an insurance agent they don't actually tell you what the insurance package your selling entails. They tell you to sell to the heart, not the brain. Instant red flag when they don't want their own employees to know how bad the product is.”
“I absolutely love AIL! Best company ever! Managers are super nice and know how to mentor you to become a great sales person. You can build your business week after week, and you'll only make more money over time. If you're looking to make 6 figure income, you should come join us at AIL!”

American Income Life Glassdoor Themes

Bad product

I joined this company because I thought that they actually care about developing our unions and helping union workers. As I got to know the actual policies of our packages I realized that it's completely engineered to minimize AIL's costs and maximize their earnings. The free parts of the packages that they push barely help anyone at all, and are obviously just there for marketing.
Working at AIL has been a good experience for me to break out of my shell and learn how to strike up a conversation with absolutely anyone. You get really good at sales here because the product is really hard to sell, and the only way you'll actually make money is if you can completely play to the persons heart, not their brain.

Low earning potential

American Income Life entices you to join their company with their UNLIMITED POTENTIAL advertising. Although this is true, there is unlimited potential, you'll probably not even make enough to support the costs of driving your car around. Unlimited potential just means 100% comission that's recurring, but if you can't sell the product, you won't be making any money.
There have been lots of negative reviews on a bunch of different sites about AIL but through hard work and intense drive you can make pretty good money. I've been able to support my family by myself with the money I've made here. It's difficult to take it to the next step though because you have to hire people below you to actually make the 6 figure income which is difficult when turnover is so high.

Weak training

The one thing that I liked about my time at American Income Life was the other agents. We all bonded over the fact that our managers were incompetent, our training sad, and our inability to actually make money. There were honestly a lot of fun times in the office after hours, but as a job this isn't what I wanted.
I've learned a lot about how to do sales at AIL, but it wasn't really because of the training. You're given a super clear script to follow that doesn't describe why you're doing any of the things it tells you to do. On the job though I learned how to manipualte the script to make better sales, as in those situations you have to play on their emotions.

What do customers think of American Income Life's insurance packages?

“"I've read a lot of reviews on sites like Yelp and on the better business bureau and I have to agree with everyone that this company is super unprofessional and agressive. They've done so many things that are huge red flags, I'm honestly surprised the company is still in operations. My frustration with AIL is based on two things. The people working there and the product.

My wife has life insurance through AIL and they come in every year to try and upsell her on some new policy. Each year she politely declines, and their meeting with her is over. Last year an agent realized that I didn't have my life insurance through AIL and so he tried to start selling me on their product. I kindly told him that I wasn't interested at this time because I needed to know more about the policy before I committed.

When I told this to the agent he got agressive and called me a bad father and husband for wanting to wait to upgrade my insurance. I couldn't believe how aggressive and direct he was, and kindly escorted him out of my house.

After the meeting I looked up the reviews online and found the overwhelming negative response. Not only were these aggressive selling tactics being used all across the US, but the product itself seemed to not actually pay out what they promised, and they charged their customers more. I told my wife about this and we quickly switched her to a better and more affordable plan. "”

What is the interview process like for joining AIL?

“The process starts off with getting an email from a recruiter for the positions. You have a quick chat where they sell you on the roles of the position and what you might expect to make from working there. They then bring you in for an interview pretty quickly, where you wait in a waiting room with about 10 other people. When its your turn to interview they ask some basic questions about your history and sales experience, but are more just trying to sell you on joining the company.”

How are you paid at AIL?

“The jobs at AIL are all comission only. We get a check every week from our vested sales, and if you hit your quotas you'll be given some extra money (they call it 'the world's greatest bonus'). Honestly don't expect to make much money at all though because the product is too hard to sell.”

What are the working hours?

“Technically you're allowed to set up your own schedule but it's more determined based on your managers and the times you have meetings booked with clients. I'd say the most common block of time I got was 10:00 am to 9:00 pm. Every once in awhie they push a 'Win Week' where they force you to work 9:00 am to 9:00 pm for 7 days.”

What does a typical day look like for agents at AIL?

“"If you want to be successful at AIL you'll have to be willing to put in long days and stay positive throughout it all. It isn't an easy job but it can be worth it if you know how to sell well and you have the drive to succeed. Most days I'm working 10 + hours, and I don't really get weekends off (although I do take off some Mondays and Tuesdays to rest).

My day usually starts when I wake up at about 7:00 am. I like to get up early so that I can be one of the first ones in the office and have a head start on everyone else. I get to the office at about 8 - 8:30, where I take a look and plan out the rest of my day. I look at the leads I have on the backlog and plan out my routes for the day, and make sure I know any relevant information for their accounts.

After I've planned my routes and meetings, I try and delve into getting more leads. A lot of the leads that AIL provides us aren't actually very strong, so I like to find people who recently dropped their insurance or are looking for a new plan. I check local forums for people who seem to be in need, and message people on linkedIn etc.

My day is then to go around to the peoples homes for the meetings. I space out my meetings far apart because you never really know how long a meeting is going to take, it could be 10 minutes, it could be 3 hours, but you don't want to miss out on a sale just because you're rushed from one to the next.

The sales part is my favorite part. You have to look at what the person is excited about and delve into it. Sales is the part of the job that gets you all your money, and everything else in the day is leading up to this point.

After my sales visits I make some notes about work that I'll have to follow up on the next day, such as entering in new customers, and enter in any leads they give me. I end my days usually around 8:00, and head home to relax by the couch."”

What happens if I leave my job at AIL? Do I still get my money?

If you leave your job you don't get any of your money back. Your residual income will fully stop within a few months unless you're fully vested. You have to work until you make your money back through the vest before you're able to get all the money back.

What benefits do you get working for AIL?

Historically we actually had pretty much no benefits. We have a super expensive insurance policy that you can buy for health, dental, and vision. Recently they've started giving a stippend for the gas because too many people were leaving the job because of how much we have to spend on gas every week.

Are there any differences between being a benefits advisor or insurance agent?

All of the jobs at AIL are sales jobs. Although you'll be selling different things, AIL doesn't actually care about what you're selling. They give you a script to follow and are expected to follow through with what the script tells you to do. There are different positions at the company like recruiter or manager, but they're all about selling something to someone.

How does AIL make money? How are they still in business?

“"AIL has been able to make a lot of money from its business throughout the years. When it started the company was focussed heavily on life insurance, then it transitioned towards insurance for union workers, and now we've come back to focussing a lot on life insurance and other practices.

American Income Life makes money from the insurance policies that they sell. Statistically we have more money coming in than we do have people withdrawing money from their policies, so through these we're able to make pretty good income.

The leaders in the organization make the majority of their money through comission. There's a very interesting comission structure where about 50% of your comissions goes towards your manager, who gives 50% of his comissions to his manager, and so on and so forth.

This makes it so the top executives are getting small amounts of comission from everyone who is working and making sales in the organization, along with their salaries and bonusses."”

About American Income Life

American Income Life is an international company that helps families by providing life insurance products. As the only all union employer in insurance from bottom to the top of the organization, American Life Insurance has always strived to create a work environment that is pro union. AIL furthers the cause of labor wheneever there is an opportunity.

Founded in 1951 by Bernard Rapoport and Harrold Goodman, American Income Life has its headquarters based in Waco, Texas. Starting the company with a small $25,000 loan, American Income Life has been able to grow as one of the larger American insurance providers. Now with over 2 million policy holders, $2.6 billion in assets, and more than $41.3 billion of life insurance in force, AIL has a strong financial position.

American Income Life Insurance hires people specifically for their insurance and benefit sales roles. These roles are centered around following leads, visiting people in their homes, and trying to sell life insurance. American Income Life is a sales driven organization.

Positive reviews from employees report enjoying the unlimited earning potential, the ability to learn sales, the flexible working hours, and the positive and engaged work atmosphere. Negative reviews from employees report being frustrated with the low quality product, the non-supportive management staff, the high pressure environment, the lack of a work life balance, the weak training, the lack of company ethics, and the inability to sell the product because of its bad rates.

American Income Life is constantly hiring new people for roles specificially in Sales and Recruiting. Knowing insurance is a bonus, but the core skills needed are a drive to sell. There are currently over 700 jobs listed on glassdoor for American Income Life.

Values and Beliefs

American Income Life focusses on growing its business through 4 core values.

- Giving back - The idea of helping others is at the basis of AIL's work. Their focus is towards helping people have better and more secure lives with less risk.

- Learning - AIL wants all of its employees to learn the best way to sell products and engage with their clients to build a positive working relationship.

- Growth - American Income Life wants their employees to grow with the company and grow personally as they do. They provide many opportunities to stay at the company and become management.

- Passion - AIL wants their employees to be passionate when they're working to bring in more sales and to help solidify the emotional side of the business.

Interview Questions

Why do you want to work for AIL?

Why did you leave your last job?

Tell me about yourself?

What kind of qualities was your last job lacking?

Do you like people

Why should we hire you?


The American Income Insurance Company was founded in 1951 with $25,000 of borrowed capital. The founders, President Harold Goodman and his nephew, Bernard Rapopor, orginally chartered an office in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company started with overwhelming success, reaching $1 million in premium just 2 years after its founding. By 1954, they had over 6,000 policy applications monthly, and in September of that year they changed the company name to American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL). In 1958 the company moved its head offices from Indianapolis, Indiana to Waco, Texas.

1961 was when AIL started selling to labor unions. They provided features that were not offered by other insurers, and worked hard to build union type insurance that supported the workers the most. They developed scholarship programs to help union members send their kids to school, among other programs. AIL grew quickly after this focus, and became the only insurer to be completely union from bottom to the top. In 1994 AIL was sold to Torchmark Corporation for $563 million, and then hired Roger Smith as the new CEO and President.